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Tuesday early evening coming across a picture of Johnny Lydon on a local jam rag I recall not believing aka 
Johnny Rotten was coming to town with little or no fan fare.  By Wednesday evening DCTV had exclusive
broadcast rights to show this legendary frontman and his ban PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED to the world.
DCTV hopes you enjoy the archives from PIL featuring Johnny Rotten.


The Crofoot Ballroom was abuzz as Johnny laid down the ground rules of respectful behavior before bustin' the chops of those who were elsewhere when the rules were spoken.....including security.

The crowd was a mix of all genres but
surely Rotten fans.  Quiet and subdued in the beginning but in the end chant as one.

The world watched in amazement!!!

Thank you Johnny for your kind words!!  Rambo I can see why Johnny has valued your friendship for 40+ years!

PIL friends do not leave Disappointed!!
Crowd participation is a must at all of
Rotten's gigs making sold out venues around the world a rotten raucious festive mood.  Remember on the 8th day Lydon created Bass.

Libby & Bari thank you for your quick work in helping bring this show to the world and to DCTV's Brian Ermoyan who without insistence this event would have never occured.

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